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              Dec 30th - Jan 6th 2015          Long Beach, CA to Catalina Island 2015

                       Jan 16th                      OKC, OK Boat Show (1st Show)  Downtown

                        Jan 23rd                     OKC, OK Boat Show (2nd Show)

                        Jan 30th                     OPEN

                        Feb 2nd- 8th                Tulsa, OK Boat Show

                        Feb 12th-16th              Miami International Boat Show

                        March 2013                  

                       April 3rd - 5th               OPEN

                     April 10th - 15th              Lake Havasu Boat Show

                     April 16th - April 27th       Lake Havasu Desert Storm Poker Run    (FB Event)

                      April 30th - May 3rd         TickFaw 200 (Largest Poker  Run in Louisiana!)

                      May 8th - 10th                OPEN/ LCL

                      May 15th - 17th              Lake Ozarks Dam to Dam Run 2015

                      May 21St - 25th              Grand Lake Memorial Weekend    (FB Event)

                      May 29th - June 1st         Possum Kindom/ Red Bull Cliff Dive

                      June 4th - 7th                 LOTO Offshore Races

                     June 12th - 14th               Eufaula Golden Eagle Rescheduled...- T-Bird             

                      June 19th - 21st              Texas Outlaw Challenge

                      June 27th - 30th              Support The Troops Poker Run (LOTO)


                        July  3rd - 6th               Grand Lake 4th of July 2015

                       July 10th - 12th              Grand Lake SHOOTOUT (1st Annual) GLOC

                       July 17th - 19th              Arkansas River Run

                       July 23rd - 26th              Lake Eufaula Whole Hawg Poker Run

                       July 31st - Aug 2nd         Grand Lake Bikinis, Bikes, Blues & BBQ

                        Aug 7th - 9th                Grand Lake 75th Anniversary at the Dam

                       Aug 14th - 16th             Eufaula Golden Eagle Run

                            Aug 19th -23rd                 Emerald Coast Poker Run

                       Aug 26th - Sept 5th        Lake Ozarks ShootOut Week

                      Sept 5th - 12th               Lake Ozarks Labor Day Week

                      Sept 18th - 20nd             Claremore Balloon Festival

                      Sept 25th - 27th              ClearWater, FL Offshore Nationals

                         Oct 2nd - 4th               Montana FlatHead Lake

                        Oct 9th - 11th               Fall Harbor Hop Lake Ozarks

                        Oct 18th - 20th              OPEN/ LCL

                        Oct 23rd - 25th              Phoenix / Scottsdale, AZ, Havasu & Lake Pleasant

                        Oct 30th - Nov 1st          Lake Altus

                        Nov 6th - 8th                 Denver- Esta Park

                        Nov 10th - 15th               Key West World Offshore Finals    OSS

                        Nov 20th - 22nd              OPEN/ LCL

                        Nov 27th  2015               Oklahoma River Christmas Parade 2015 (Rescheduled)

                        Dec 5th 2015                  Grand Lake Capt Dinner @ Cherokee

                        Dec 12th 2015                Grand Lake Christmas Parade (Skip...In PHX)

                        Dec 20th 2015                Okla River Parade (skip)

                       Dec 28th - Jan 4th            Long Beach Cali / Catalina Island NYE 2016


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