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                   Dec 26th 2017 - Jan 2nd 2018          Long Beach, CA to Catalina Island 2018


    Jan 2018     

                        Jan 5th - 7th              Overland Park Boat Show

                        Jan 13th-14th             Oklahoma RV and Boat Show  

                        Jan 19th-21st             Houston, TX

                        Jan 27th-28th             2nd OKC Boat Show


    Feb 2018   

                        Feb 1st - 5th               Tulsa, OK Boat Show

                        Feb 15th-19th              Miami International Boat Show

                        Feb 23rd-25th              Detroit, MI


    March 2018         

                        March 2018                 


    April 2018

                     April  6th - 8th                Lake Havasu Boat Show

                     April 19th - 17th              Lake Havasu    video

                     April 18th - 22nd              Lake Havasu  Desert Storm    (FB Event)

                     April 27th - 29th               Bimini OPA Race


     May 2018

                       May 2nd - May 6th            TickFaw 200 (Largest Poker  Run in Louisiana!

                          May 11th - 12th               Kylie's OU Graduation Norman, OK

                      May 18th - 20th              Lake Ozarks Dam to Dam Run 2018

                      **May 18th - 20th           2nd Amendment Team Meeting Orlando, FL

                      **May 18th - 20th           Coco Beach SBI Race

                      **May 18th - 20th           Texoma Poker/Fun Run

                      May 25th - 29th              Grand Lake Memorial Weekend    (FB Event)


   June 2018                                       

                      June 1st - 4th                 LOTO Lake Race-      Video2015   Video2016

                      June 8th - 10th               Oakland, CA             

                      June 15th - 17th             Lake Cumberland Poker Run

                      June 22nd - 24th            Support The Troops Poker Run (LOTO) OR Texas Outlaw Challenge

                      June 28th - 30th.            Support Our Troops      

 July 2018          

                       July  1st - 7th               4th of July Week Lake Of the Ozark

                       July 13th - 15th            OPEN / LCL

                       July 21st - 23rd            LOTO Aquapalooza/  Big Boat Bash

                       July 26th - 29th            Ol Hickory Poker Run Nashville

                         **July 26th -29th         Lake Eufaula Whole Hawg Poker Run  (Skip)          


   Aug 2018               

                       Aug 3rd - 5th                Grand Lake Bikinis, Bikes, Blues & BBQ

                       Aug 10th - 12th            Grand Lake 78th Anniversary at the Dam

                       Aug 15th -19th                Emerald Coast Poker Run 2018

                       Aug 20th - Aug 26th       Lake Ozarks ShootOut Week Video


   Sept 2018                 

                      Sept  1st - 8th              Lake Ozarks Labor Day Week Video

                      Sept 15th - 16th             OPEN / Lake Powell Challenge?

                      Sept 22nd - 24th             OPEN

                      Sept 28th - Sept 30th       ClearWater, FL Offshore Nationals 10 Annual


    Oct 2018     

                       Oct  5th - 7th                  OPEN / LCL

                       Oct 13th - 15th                Fall Harbor Hop Lake Ozarks   Video

                       Oct 19th - 21st               Havasu Relics and Rods Car show 2017 (Video)

                       Oct 26th - Oct 28th         OPEN


   Nov 2018              

                        Nov   4th - 11th              Key West World Offshore Finals Video1  Video2   

                        Nov 16th - 17th              OPA World Championship Englewood FL

                        Nov 24th - 26th              OPEN / LCL

                        Nov 24th  2018              OPEN / LCL


    Dec 2018       

                       Dec  1st - 2nd 2018            OPEN

                       Dec  7th - 9th 2018            OPEN

                       Dec 14th - 16th 2018          OPEN       

                       Dec 27th - Jan 2nd 2019      Long Beach Cali / Catalina Island NYE 2019

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